Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jeremy, my sister Emiline, our friend Mike, and I all went floating down the Boise River this Saturday, it was a blast! Jeremy and Mike and never gone before - and that's always fun to take a first timer. It was a great trip... though we did get distracted waving to some stranger and were carried away in a quick current under some tree branches... and though there was no bodily harm, are ego could not say the same. (Though I'm sure the stranger got a kick out of it!)

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TJ and Mandi said...

Hi Clarks! This is Mandi Harris from Moscow - I found your blog off our ward blog! I bet you were waving at us on the river! JK - that would have been funny though - Tyler's brother floated the river that Saturday - but we didn't get there until the following Thursday! Were you still on the river when the storm came though? Hopefully you were off by then. Have fun in Boise!

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